How Ice cream flavor says your personality

It is said if you are sad or angry you should eat Ice-cream. It can change your mood. Different people like different flavors of ice cream. Research proves the flavor of ice cream shows the personality of people. It is reality because it is very logical research. The group of people who like the same flavor mostly they have the same habits and personality.

Vanilla Lover:

                  Vanilla lovers are mostly risk taker, daring, experimental, impulsive, and an idealistic. You have very high goals. But at the same time, you take a much dangerous risk which can be harmful to you and your health. Vanilla lovers also very show off people. You are always capable of people, who like rocky road.

Butter Pecan Lover:

Butter Pecan sweethearts are out-dated, preservationist, dedicated, principled, and heard working. You hold exclusive requirements for good and bad and show honesty in the majority of your activities. Which can hurt different individuals? You are exceptionally near your family and constantly prepared to impart your every issue to your loved ones. You are sentimental with individuals who love chocolate chip and chocolate.

 Chocolate Lover:

                        Chocolate lovers are very charming, young hearted, dramatic, and full of life, romantic, friendly, and creative, enthusiastic, talented. You are very flirty and emotional, seductive and gullible. Chocolate lovers associate the people who like chocolate chip, double chocolate, and vanilla.

Chocolate chip Lover:

                              Chocolate lover is generous, competitive, fun lover, ambitious in work and love, generous, competent and a go-getter. Time and money have great value in your life. You like sports and work out. You are compatible with double chocolate and butter pecan.

Coffee Lover:

                Coffee lover is fun loving people. You are very flirty, lively, ambitious, impulsive, scrupulous, conscientious and a moral perfectionist.  You people getting bored from boring and dull relations. After some time you may make new relations and leave old once and this is your bad thing. Your compatible are strawberry lovers.

Rocky Road Lover:

                      Rocky road lovers are aggressive, engaging and a good listener, practical, charming, goal oriented, and bossy people. You can adjust just with rocky road lovers.

Strawberry Lover:

                     You are tolerant, devoted, introvert, reserved, traditional, committed, good friend, shy, responsible, thoughtful, loyal, sportive and careful person. You don’t believe in love at 1st sight. You prefer rocky road, chocolate chip, and vanilla lover people.

Double chocolate chunk Lover:

                                                     You are very lively, dramatic, creative, party lover; love to spend time with friends. You have a great sense of style. You are very extreme and romantic. You can’t bear ignorance and want full attention all the time. You are compatible with chocolate chip and butter pecan lovers.

Mint chocolate chip Lover:

The people who like this flavor of ice cream found very argumentative, confident, ambitious, and perfect wanted. They cannot be satisfied until perfect results are not given. The mint chocolate lovers compatible with same flavor lovers mostly.

Caramel Ice-cream Lover:

The caramel lovers are mostly deep and difficult personality people. You are mostly responsible, challenge accomplished, shy, caring and humble. Cat or pet lovers ,love to wear black and enjoy yoga and exercise.


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